Y Tool


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The Y tool is a specialized tool used in eyelash and eyebrow lamination procedures. It is designed to assist in the separation and lifting of the lashes or eyebrows, ensuring proper positioning and application of the lamination compositions.

The Y tool typically consists of a thin, curved, and flexible tip, resembling the shape of the letter "Y." It allows for precise and controlled movement, making it easier to lift and separate individual lashes or eyebrows during the lamination process.

The curved design of the Y tool helps in reaching the roots of the lashes or eyebrows, allowing for better access during the application of the lamination compositions. By gently lifting and brushing the hairs onto the silicone lash shield or roller, the Y tool helps create a desired lifted and defined look.

Overall, the Y tool is an essential instrument in eyelash and eyebrow lamination, enabling technicians to achieve optimal results by enhancing the curl, shape, and overall appearance of the lashes or eyebrows.