Founder Gloria Talipova.
LOVELY U.S. is an internationally recognized lashes and beauty accessories brand. Founded in 2012, Lovely has grown to be one of the largest eyelash companies in Europe, Russia, and other neighboring countries where the eyelash extensions business has evolved into an art. Now the brand has stores, salons and distributors in 6 countries.
In 2018 LOVELY U.S. officially opened an office in the United States. Distributing their products all over North America.
Our mission is to provide the highest quality and most innovative eyelash extension products for a better price. Lovely U.S. is committed to sourcing ethical and innovative products for eyelash applications. We create products that last longer, look better, and are truly amazing.
Our representatives travel around the world giving hands-on editorial lash application lessons, judging eyelash competitions, meeting press, and speaking at international events.