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Degreaser - Mango Fragrance

Degreaser - Mango Fragrance


Pre-treatment Lovely with the aroma of mango, 15 ml

Pre-treatment with the aroma of mango - a preparation that is not only excellent degreasing the eyelashes ,removing the remnants of cosmetics, remover and contaminations of another character, but also has the incomparable aroma of mango.
Delicate aroma of juicy exotic fruit will charge you with positive emotions and will be pleased with the customer.
Stylish design, made in warm colors, complement the pleasant experience of using this product.
Subject to the use the preparation with micro-brushes it will serve you up to 150 procedures!
Effectively removes the impurities from the eyelashes.
Extends the time of wearing the lashes.
Economically expends.
It has a pleasant aroma.
The preparation should be stored unopened in a cool place.