Royal Eyelash Extensions - 16 Lines

Bend C
Thickness 0.07
Length 8mm

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Royal Black Eyelash Extensions - 16 lines 

Royal eyelash extensions series are notable for their exclusively high quality: they are made of expensive high-quality fiber, are very glossy and perfectly pigmented.
The coal black color is perfect for girls who have dark natural eyelashes. Thinner ends make them look more luxe.


8mm-9mm used on the inside & outside of the eye area
10mm-12mm most commonly used for the middle of eye for a natural look
13mm and 14mm creates a bold look
15mm and 16mm length is very bold, should not be used unless the natural lashes are strong


.07 Most popular for volume
.10 used for volume
.12 thin classic lash
.15 a medium classic diameter
.18 a good average thickness for classic
.20 used for classic dramatic look

It is important to offer your clients beautiful high end products that will make them feel beautiful and coming back. We strive to bring you the most beautiful designs at affordable prices. In This 16 line tray there are up to 10,500 lashes depending on their thickness.