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Colorful Pastel Eyelash Extension by Lovely 20 Line Tray

Creative Eyelash Extensions Pastel - 20 lines


Pastel Creative Eyelash Extensions by Lovely. Each tray comes with 6 unique colors: Fuchsia, lilac, turquoise, emerald, sea azure and cornflower.
You can use Pastel Eyelashes Lovely both as the main color of the extensions or for putting accents while performing black or brown extensions. It is possible to mix the lashes and to create absolutely unique images.

Colored Eyelashes Lovely are made of a high-quality fiber. They are light and elastic. The lashes do not deform in the process of extension and perfectly hold their shape while wearing.
Each 20 lines palette contains from 4,300 to 13,000 lashes depending on their thickness.
Each palette of eyelashes is thoroughly tested by Lovely Lash quality department.