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Brown Eyelash Extension By Lovely US
Brown Eyelash Extension By Lovely US

Brown Eyelash Extensions - 20 Line Mix


Brown Eyelash Extensions are designed for connoisseurs of natural beauty. Rich brown pigment will make the look softer and more tender.

The main advantage of dark brown eyelashes is that when natural eyelashes grow the difference between them and lash extensions is almost imperceptible. Thanks to this dark brown lash extensions look naturally for a longer period of time.

Lovely eyelash extensions are made of a high-quality fiber, perfectly even and elastic. Eyelashes do not deform in the process of extension and perfectly hold their shape while wearing.

Each palette contains from 4,300 to 13,000 lashes depending on their thickness.

Each palette of eyelashes is thoroughly tested by Lovely Lash quality department.