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Elite 3D Eyelash Extensions by Lovely US
Elite 5D Eyelash Extensions by Lovely US
6D eyelash extensions premade fans
5D Eyelash Extensions Premade Fans
5D Eyelash Extensions Premade fans
Elite 4D Eyelash Extensions by Lovely US
Elite 5D Eyelash Extensions by Lovely US
Elite 6D Eyelash Extensions by Lovely US

3D| 4D | 5D | 6D Elite Eyelash Extensions - 12 Lines


3D 4D 5D 6D Elite Eyelashes Extensions - 12 lines 8-15mm

Elite eyelashes are designed specifically for volume and mega volume extensions; they make the look more expressive and increase natural volume of eyelashes.

The main advantage of Elite eyelashes is that they are premade eyelash extension fans that have a thin base, which significantly reduces the time of the process and allows the technician to create the most perfect Volume & Mega Volume extensions. 

Elite eyelashes are made from high-quality fiber. They are light and elastic; the lashes do not deform in the process of work and perfectly keep their shape while wearing.

100% Satisfactions Guaranteed 
By purchasing Elite Eyelashes you can be assured of premium quality, as each palette of eyelashes is thoroughly tested by Lovely Lash quality department.
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