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Lovely US Classic Eyelash Extensions 20 line tray
Lovely US Classic Eyelash Extensions 20 line tray


Classic Eyelash Extensions - 20 Lines


Eyelashes of the Silicone series are made of high-quality fiber, elastic and have a round basis on the cut. “Silicone” eyelashes have soft natural shine and short tips.
They are light and elastic, do not deform in the process of work and keep their shape perfectly while wearing. 

“Silicone” is the only series that is presented in two types of palettes at the same time. They appear in 6 lines and 20 lines palettes.
20 lines palette contains from 4300 to 13 000 lashes depending on their thickness. 

8mm-9mm used on the inside and outside of the eye area

10mm-12mm most commonly used for the middle of eye for a natural look
13mm and 14mm creates a bold look
15mm this length is very bold and should not be used unless the natural lashes are strong

.07 Most popular for volume
.10 used for volume
.12 thin classic lash
.15 a medium classic diameter
.18 a good average thickness for classic
.20 used for classic dramatic look