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Digital Franchise

How would you like us to acquire you 20 new lash customers a month?

We have an opportunity that will change the Beauty Industry.
We are calling it Digital Franchising. We understand that the number one concern for you is gaining new customers to grow your business. Most of you are busy taking care of all the aspects to run your business. You are busy keeping up with Instagram, Facebook, your website, google business page, phone calls, its a lot to handle and we want to help you with the most important part, getting new clients.
One of the most frustrating things you will notice and come up against is the forever changing algorithm on all the different platforms. You gained 1,000 - 15,000 followers, you post a beautiful picture or a lash set you just did and only 1-2% of your followers actually see it.
Why? How do you get new potential clients locally to see it? We have come up with a solution. Imagine in the next 6 months every potential client within 5-20 miles of your business has seen a video about lashes that motivates them to try it for the first time or get them done again. Then are directed to your page, whether you prefer Instagram, Facebook, or Google. This is now possible for only $200 a month. 
Because of the unique opportunity we will limit the number of franchises in a single city per capita.
If you are interested in getting more information, please call, text or email.
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